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Custom Office & Advanced Scripting

Use Sage 100 to its full potention.
Customize it to fit your specific needs.

Custom Office & Advanced Scripting

User Defined Fields

Do you need a field added to an Item, Customer, Vendor, etc.
Sage 100 comes with Custom Office. With is you can add User Defined Fields to just about every table in Sage 100. You can then use these fields in various reports and scripts to better customize Sage to fit your needs.

Tables to store and look up information

Also with Custom Office you can add User Defined Tables. These tables can be used to store vast amounts of information. They can also be used as validation tables or even to store temporary data for reporting purposes.

Scripts to further enhance Sage 100 features

Example of simple scripts include
> Routing custom data through to history for reporting
> Additional calculations in Data Entry Screens
> Validation of certain fields

Scripts to create new features to Sage 100

Example of advanced scripts include
> Custom Calculations on Unit Price
> PO Authorization
> Use to Import records from source file or location in Sage Directly
> Consolidate data in a Custom User Defined table for faster reporting
> Delete Pricing Records
> Open Associated PDF files for record
> Print Reports Automatically

> And many more

Tell me what you need and I can give you a custom quote today.

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